Very Cool Takoma Park

Takoma Park, MD, prides itself on being very crunchy granola and the “Berkley of the East.” I can see why.

My landlords are part of a co-op of a few families that together purchase corn kernels for their heating stoves. 

The city accepts everything — and I mean everything, including those nuisance styrofoam takeout containers — for recycling.  I’ve got all my cardboxes folded up and packaged with string to put out later this week, along with a plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags and the usual papers and cans.

The Sunday farmers’ market is the place to be, and I stopped after church this past weekend. There were a couple of dozen stands, even this time of year, with everything from fruits and vegetables to cheeses and meats and chicken. It was interesting that a number of the farms come from Pennsylvania; I guess some rural stretches of the southern part of that state must be close by.

There are two bike shops on the main street, withinn a couple of blocks of eacv other. One specializes in commuter bikes, the other in other bikes.

There’s a food co-op, of course, but I must say it’s smaller than the Honest Weight and has paid staff rather than having members work for discounts.

There’s a locally owned video store, which I don’t know that I’ve seen anywhere else in many years. I stopped in and bought a card to get 14 video rentals for $50. There’s also a homemade ice cream shop (which I stopped in, of course, and sampled a few of the flavors that the owner is especially proud of. They’re basic flavors, not with the inventiveness of Stewarts, but very flavorful.) And a large hardware store where I got a doormat.

I have yet to check out the cheesecake shop and bakery. (It was closed yesterday during my explorations.)


About mariannedc

I just moved from Albany, NY, to the Washington, DC, area and many friends and former co-workers want to hear about my life here. So this seemed like a great way to do that.
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