Haunted Georgetown

Fall along Sligo Creek, a trail down the street from my apartment

This weekend is the first anniversary of my life in the DC area. I celebrated by enjoying some of the fall treasures around here.

This included the Saturday night before Halloween in Georgetown, the trendy neighborhood of D.C. known for the university, its expensive rowhouses and its nightlife.

First, I joined three gals on a “haunted Georgetown” walk, with what turned out to be the coldest  temperatures  ever recorded on that date (30s). It was absolutely freezing as we walked the neighborhood streets and stopped periodically to hear a ghost story about a house or inn. 
We learned about the “murdered madam,” a southern belle who turned to running a brothel when she escaped from her father’s prison after being caught in the hayloft with a field hand. There was the little girl who wreaks mischief on guests at the Georgetown Inn, once taking photos of a sleeping couple on their camera; the union soldier who appeared to his mother after he was killed at Bull Run;  and the nephew to Mark Twain who kept adding things to his house out of the (mistaken, of course)  belief that as long as the house wasn’t finished, he would never die.
After the tour, we high-tailed it to the nearest cafe, which turned out to be quite expensive and upscale but still a warm place to have soup and coffee.
On the walk back to the bus and Metro, one friend and I then entered the real Halloween scene: streets filled with people dressed up for the holiday. These included young guys dressed as babies with pacifiers, a group harkening back to medieval days with soldiers and their pretty “wenches” (their words in their goofing around, not mine), and somene making a political statement as a wonk from the International Monetary Fund. It looked like we were way out of place as two of the few people not in some kind of costume.
The next day I enjoyed a long walk along the Sligo Creek trail, and the beginning of changing colors. It was just lovely, especially after a day of bitter cold and with snowflakes in the air.

About mariannedc

I just moved from Albany, NY, to the Washington, DC, area and many friends and former co-workers want to hear about my life here. So this seemed like a great way to do that.
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